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Don't take our word for the quality of our professionally produced creative messages. Call us for a reference list and a demonstration compact disc. You'll hear first hand how ON HOLD will cost-effectively promote and enhance the image of your business.


Questions and Answers

 Is my telephone system equipped for music on hold?
 Most business telephone systems (PBX/KSU) are music on hold ready, however it's best to check your operation manual or contact your telecom service provider and ask about your specific telephone system. Units that are equipped generally have an audio input on the central unit labeled "MOH" or "Music On Hold".

Can't I just play the radio or a regular music CD on hold?
Yes, however to do so legally requires that you pay for yearly licenses from music licensing companies like BMI and ASCAP. More information about music copyrights.

What are the advantages to using digital players?
Digital players are more reliable than CD players since they have no moving parts during operation. Today's digital players have excellent sound quality, high reliability, trouble-free operation and relatively low cost. More about our digital players.

Do we have to write our own scripts?
No! Our professional writers will collect information about your business, and write a script of messages customized for your business.

How often can I change my ON HOLD messages?
As often as you like! Whether you need to change your messages quarterly, monthly, or whenever you need a change, ON HOLD has programs for every business.

How long are the music and messages productions?
A standard music and message production contains 8 to 10 messages, and the memory capacity of the digital players is up to 8 to 16 minutes. More about our digital players.

Can I select my own style of music?
Yes! Our fully licensed music library contains hundreds of musical selections in a wide variety of categories. Visit our music samples for more information.

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