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Don't take our word for the quality of our professionally produced creative messages. Call us for a reference list and a demonstration compact disc. You'll hear first hand how ON HOLD will cost-effectively promote and enhance the image of your business.



"More than 70% of business calls are placed on hold for an average of 45 to 60 seconds. 60% of the callers placed on hold hang up, and 30% of those that that hang up never call back." - AT&T

"Callers with silence on hold will abandon their calls in less than one minute, 90% hang up within 40 seconds. Callers with information on hold will stay on the line for up to three minutes longer." - North American Telecom

"The average business executive spend 17 minutes a day on hold. That is 68 hours a year." - USA Today

"The average person spends 60 hours per year on hold. 55 seconds is the national average hold time for companies with more that two telephone lines." - CNN Survey

"88% of callers prefer on hold messages to other hold options, and 16% make a purchase based on an on hold offer." - Maxi Market

Over 70 Fortune 500 firms choose
some type of on hold marketing.

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